Malaysia XI vs Chelsea Football Club!

November 13, 2019


I’m guessing i’m gonna get some free backlash from fellow Man Utd fans for going for this, but hey we’re all football fans, no?
I’ve always been surrounded with people into the football frenzy; with my brother a huge Chelsea fan, and one of my closest friends too. I used to watch the game a couple years back, then I stopped when things just got really busy.And with how things are going lately, i’m sure it’s pretty obvious that i’m now a converted and proud Man Utd fan.
But my love for the club hasn’t stopped me from lovin’ the game first and foremost. Probably one of the reasons I’m into futsal  (not so gungho to play real football, sorry)

Vidic wannabe yo.
Being a fan of an awesome football club, we’re not sore losers. We recognize good talent and a good team when we see one. We’re not kiasu fellas who would deny every other club’s existence and talent for our own. The game’s all about mutual passion, and mutual respect.
Which is why Chelsea’s tour will be the one i’m looking forward to.

Chelsea visited Malaysia

When Chelsea visited Malaysia in 2008 after the World Cup frenzy (they literally bought all of my smile), my involvement in the football world was almost nil (almost, because my friends still drag me to watch the games with them). And thank God, this time round my passion for the game hasn’t been greater. 
It has been a great year for many football fans, with the clubs all having their Asia Tour this time around.

So if you’ve yet to get your tickets to the great game, you can try your luck winning them (and maybe a limited edition Chelsea polo tee) instead!
All you have to do is spend RM300 and above on any Samsung product(s) in a single receipt and enter the SMS contest as below (click to enlarge).

If you’re lucky enough, you may even be given a chance to sit with the team during a match.
That’s something you can’t buy!
It’s gonna be my first live football match and with a team like Chelsea, i’m starting it with a bang!(no pun intended)

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