Jaspal Spring/Summer 2011

November 13, 2019


In the midst of one of the most relaxing day, a face full of smile in a while, between lunch at Ben’s, reading at Coffee Club and roaming the Art Gallery, I realized that I finally have free time. So here I am, so religiously blogging (and also the fact that I had to bail on one of the biggest parties of the year by Carslberg so here I am consoling myself).
Wayyyyyy back when.Days of no cheekbones and post UK weight gain. Shitfucks.

Fashion Show

After which I had to fly to an awesome 21st birthday party at the other end of town.I had to balance on outfit that’s dressy enough for a fashion show and decent enough for a 21st birthday party.
Should have worn a dress cause the birthday party turned out to be crazier than i thought it would be.
Should have known that Jason would bring it to that level.
Anyways, here’s Jaspal Spring/Summer 2011 (which would have come and gone by now, come to think about it)

(Since this post was stuck in drafts, I might well post it before i move on with my life)


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