Food & Beer @ 69Bistro

November 13, 2019


So I’m sick and I’m stuck in library as I need to finish up some filming work for the video production but my cast ain’t here yet.
Might as well blog about that one time I went to this very quaint cozy restaurant with a suggestive name:69 Bistro
I didn’t really expect much as I don’t normally travel around Damansara Perdana but boy, they had tons of cozy looking bars and restaurants.This particular one has really unique decor and awesome food that makes you wanna smile once it enters you mouth. It’s like a little teahouse, mini disneyland. Every corner/ table is a different atmosphere and furniture.

Some of the food that i ordered

Food here is equally as interesting.They specialize in fusion food, so you can find things like Chicken Chop, Fried Rice, Salad, and such.

Golden Crispy (chicken) RM 8.50
Technically deep-friend chicken meat balls with wonton skin-like batter.

This is one of the dishes we personally ordered, cause it looks really good on the menu.It is, we just had trouble eating it cause the fried bits get pretty messy.If you don’t mind dealing with the mess, it’s definitely worth a try.A mix of crunchy fried skin on the outside and juicy chicken meat on the inside.

Deep-fried ‘tou foo pok’ RM8.30

This is a vegetarian’s must dish!Being a meat-lover, I didn’t fancy this as much as the rest, but it got me liking it at least.Probably because of the crispy tou foo skin, which looks like pie tee but with thicker ‘cups’ and creamier filling. You guys are highly recommended to go here during your free time.

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