FHM Girl Next Door 2010 Carlsberg Party

November 18, 2019


The date’s getting closer.
Are you gonna be there?

Last week is the Carlsberg party for the winner of this Facebook Carlsberg competition, and us the FHM Girls Next Door had to be there. Even if it wasn’t compulsory i think we would have just crashed it 😉

The month’s been busy with obligations to the competition. Dance practices and media appearances all the time, it’s exhausting. Not to mention with my mid-terms in the way, it’s even worse. Barely even have any free time to lepak with my friends, or even any to myself to sleep.

But by this Friday it’s all gonna be worth it.

Old blogger buddy, Evo.

The winner of the party was a blogger, Junjunriko if i’m not mistaken. And because she’s a blogger, i got to meet a couple of mah blogger buddies which i have not seen in ages! I blame the hectic schedule.

It was an awesome party with the free flow of Carlsberg and the mingling that we did. It’s sometimes really pleasant to talk to strangers, ya know? You never know what you’re gonna get.

I’m getting the tendency to get all sappy over the end of the competition cause the people i met are out of this world fucking awesome! And to be apart of all these is just a dream! To the girls especially. And Tomcat of course!
I just hope it’s all uphill from here, making my life, my dreams. I’m not giving up on this easily. All these good things are making me smile while writing this.

Party’s this Friday.

Time: 8pm
Venue: MOS Euphoria, Sunway.
What’s installed?
FHM Girl Next Door 2010 finale. Me. Sexy Dance.


Just be there kay? I shouldn’t have to give you any reason.

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