Espress Cafe with Jaz Fresh

November 13, 2019


Besides BKT and that Fried chicken stall Sean brought my gang, I’d never imagine there’s anything worth traveling for in Klang.Yes, ol’ ignorant me.
But thanks to Jaz Fresh, we were introduced to an awesome little hang out spot for food and beer.
Seriously people, bring me to Klang more often. I keep hearing of the superb food there.(You drive though, too far for me)LOL.

Espress Cafe is a corner lot located just opposite Klang’s huge ass Jusco Bukit Tinggi.
We couldn’t find it at first due the cows that were blocking the roads.Yea, apparently Klang has cows. 
Sean never warned me of this, and he’s all the way in Aussie now.

You can either dine indoor or al fresco.It’s well laid out.Families are more likely to dine indoors since I seen alot of people my age lepaking outside with beer and snacks in hand.
We sat inside though, since we wanted to catch up. 

Wore my jersey to show my support that day!
The girls and I shared coffee and tea before stuffing ourselves. 

Caramel cappucino with Hazelnut syrup RM 6.50 + Rm 1.40Local iced coffee RM 3.90Iced caffe mocha RM 8.50Chamomile tea RM 3.50

A Japanese like dish, except it was topped with an omellete. The gravy was sweet, though not overbearing the juicy-ness of the chicken or the fluffy-ness of the rice.A very savoury dish which reminds me of chicken katsu-don.
We were served a couple more dishes before dessert and snacks.And Sarah, being Sarah tried to show us how to seduce a beer keg.Whaaatttt?LOL. I love all of my memories, it will always put a smile on my face just by thinking of it.

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